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January 26, 2012 By: Andre Category: About Me, Entrepreneurism, Identity, Life, Ping Identity

Marketing had a bit of fun at this year’s kick-off. I must say, I hate hearing myself, or seeing myself on camera. I’ve got more respect for actors.

Ping wins Morgan Stanley Award

June 11, 2008 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity


Not that we don’t appreciate awards, but we haven’t spent much time pursuing them. That said, when a customer like Morgan Stanley, at an internal event, selects you and your product as helping to transform their business, and prior winners include VMware (2005 winner), and you are the only one selected out of some 200 companies that year, well, that’s special. Only 5 companies have ever received this award.

Every year, Morgan Stanley receives 200 applications from companies to present at the Morgan Stanley CTO Summit. We presented back in 2006. A year or so later, Morgan Stanley became a customer, using our technology to secure and integrate their employees use of on-demand applications such as

With respect to the award, Morgan Stanley internally votes on which of those 200 companies get to present and then sends out only 36 invites. Of these 36, only four (roughly 12% ever go to contract) and of those, only one receives this award. The award is given to those companies that provide innovation that holds the potential to transform their business into the future. On a more personal note, it’s great to finally see federation receive the recognition it deserves for enabling companies to secure their virtual borders, especially in an era where SaaS is the new delivery platform for enterprise applications. Thank you Morgan Stanley for giving Ping the opportunity to work with you. Thank you Ping Identians for building and supporting such a stellar product.

After receiving the award, Patrick Harding, Ping’s CTO had a photo opp with Jonathan Saxe, Managing Director, Global Chief Information Officer of Morgan Stanley