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Schooled by a 10 year old on identity

July 19, 2013 By: Andre Category: Life


Two days before my opening speech at the Cloud Identity Summit, I was sitting in my room wondering what the heck to talk about. After a few days of fussing around on the preso, all I had to show for it was a hodge-podge of slides, all of which seemed to lack substance, theme or pertinence.

Somewhat exacerbated, I ended up sharing a personal story about what had happened just that morning as we arrived at the Meritage. Immediately following check-in we went to the room behind our registration desk to see how Mike was coming along in final preparations.

With my daughters in toe, the room was cluttered to the ceiling with boxes of backpacks, signs and conference materials. However, one corner of the room was piled high with kids toys (designed to keep 100+ kids entertained for a week).

What happened next surprised me.

Instead of heading immediately for the toys, my daughter went instead to the boxes of badges, and started looking through them to see if she had one with her name on it.

After a few moments and with a bit of help, and in a stroke of genius by Mike Morgan (to have children registered), she found her badge.

As I shared with the audience at CIS, this was a special aha moment for me. Here was a 10 year child who found meaning and purpose in her badge. She was official. She had an identity.

You’ll note her hand written title in the corner, CEOOF – short for ‘CEO of Fun’.

Suffice it to say, kids will be official, with badges, again, next year.

Identity is important. Being official is important. Having a child re-instill a sense of purpose into my reason for being at Ping, priceless.

Tough Mudder Vancouver

July 15, 2013 By: Andre Category: Life

Can I just say they get ‘mud’ in Vancouver, much more so than they do in the Denver Tough Mudder. If I look cowardly running through the wires, it’s because I was scared as hell. I want to thank all of my fellow PingToughMudder’s and Jeff Chow for making this a very memorable experience.