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How you know when you’re getting old…

November 30, 2012 By: Andre Category: Life

A fish shows up to sing you happy birthday.

Andre Durand Birthday

CEO Bootcamp

November 20, 2012 By: Andre Category: Life

I recently participated in a one day CEO Bootcamp held by George Bradt of Prime Genesis. The President of Diners Club, senior individuals from Sears and several other notable firms were present. My takeaways follow.

· People commit themselves to the cause of their leaders
· Inspired people connect to a shared purpose

Performance Management
· Objective setting is the most important part of performance management. Get the objectives right, it’s a big part of making sure people are motivated

There are three types of people. 1. Contributors, 2. Watchers, 3. Detractors
o You can only move people 1 position at a time
o Move detractors to watchers
o Move watchers to contributors
· “it takes 5 years to turn a culture around”

· “the only thing you can do alone is fail”
· “you’re never completely worthless if you can serve as a bad example.”

As a leader, be deliberate about
· What you do yourself well
· What you do yourself
· What you Delegate & Manage
· What you Delegate
· What you Do later
· What you should Never do

Situational Leadership
Know when and where as a leader you are
· Co-Creating an idea
· Consulting on an idea
· Testing an idea
· Selling an idea
· Telling people your idea