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October 31, 2012 By: Andre Category: Life

A friend convinced me to participate in a YoughBiz charity event a few weeks back. My contribution — walk the catwalk. Most certainly the scariest thing I’ve done, but it was a great cause. Catwalk. Check.


The Borg & Mars Attacks – Halloween 2012 & Kickoff 2013

October 26, 2012 By: Andre Category: Life

First off, I had no idea how to beat last year’s costume. But with all the expectations, I had to try. The initial idea was to be a fish bowl. This is where the dome came from. But then I figured out it would take 15 gallons of water and weight 175lbs. If the weight didn’t crush me, there was a pretty good chance I’d drown, and forget talking to people. What I came up with below as it turns out is only 1/2 done. The other half will be unveiled at the company kick-off party in January.

So why do all of this? Lord knows my schedule has been pretty overloaded as is. It boils down to simply this — if you want to be extraordinary, you have to make the effort.

Andre Ping Halloween 2012andre-halloween-costume-2012_500

2012-12-19 02.40.54