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PingFederate Express is here!

September 15, 2009 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

Over in PingLand, we announced PingFederate Express today. It’s the culmination of 6 months of work, and represents a breakthrough in single sign on speed and control.

PingFederate Express exists because companies wanted a simpler way to SSO enable their applications. With PingFederate Express, a company can do that now in minutes, and the entire thing can be remotely managed and configured with a central installation of PingFederate.

The demo’s are truly impressive. Download, install, configure and test standards based single sign on in less than 5 minutes. It’s insane.

See you at Digital ID World – Vegas

September 10, 2009 By: Andre Category: Life

We’ll be working of course… but also having some fun. Thanks to Mike for finding a picture that captures my future.