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Deserving of Trust?

February 18, 2009 By: Andre Category: Life

Facebook needs to adopt a Don’t be Evil filter of their own.

Crown Jewels Unattended? Time to compete.

February 12, 2009 By: Andre Category: Life

Feel it’s time to venture out and start a business? You don’t have to be visionary. Just find a known business that’s left it’s crown jewels unattended.

It’s an embedded part of the American culture to always want more. To want what we don’t have. It’s no surprise than that some percentage of business ventures, after some time, forget who they are in their desire to be something else, something bigger, something ‘better’.

Yahoo, in it’s quest to become a media company, forgot it was a search company. It left the back door wide open for Google to just walk in and steal the crown jewel of search.

In nearly every category of company, there is likely an example of some player that forgot their origin or has simply become complacent.

Find one and attack it. It doesn’t take vision, it takes simple analysis and hard work.

Family to Family

February 02, 2009 By: Andre Category: Life

I was looking for a simple way for our family to help a family in need, and Google led me to this little non-profit that helps families in rural areas that are not supported by a food pantry. Fedex donates delivery services, and the program is designed to make up food shortages at the end of the month when food stamps run out.

The program is called Family to Family, and if by chance you are not able to package up food items every month, you can simply donate $25 per month, and the local food bank will ensure that the family receives the food.

It’s a simple program with a simple mission. If everyone just helped one family, we’d go a long ways towards making some lives a lot better. My heart goes out to the children of these families. They didn’t have a choice. Providing them any hope or security is a real gift.