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A return to what counts…

December 15, 2008 By: Andre Category: Life

According to a recent government study, time fathers spend with their children in Japan has been decreasing since the 70’s. Some estimates say that up to 25% of fathers in Japan never see their children awake during the week.

The world is a tough place, but at some point, it will be better to live with less than live without our children.

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Whitney Scale

December 05, 2008 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

Estimating software delivery dates is always challenging when you’re trying to factor in complexity, experience and dependencies among other things. At Ping, our very own Brian Whitney has developed what is now affectionately referred to as a “The Whitney Scale.” Shared below for your software development pleasure.

Top 10 things IT does during tough times

December 02, 2008 By: Andre Category: Identity, Musings, Ping Identity

1. Look at open-source alternatives.

2. Figure out how to consolidate vendors at a lower unit cost.

3. Replace manual effort with automation that can be achieved with a 3m payback.

4. Invest in new technologies that will lower cost by an order of magnitude.

5. Break down myths that an application can’t be hosted externally.

6. Challenge costly, incumbent technologies with new upstarts.

7. Look for short-term projects that can delivery value quickly.

8. Attempt to put new products on existing IT infrastructure.

9. Not start any long-term, strategic projects.

10. Hit up your local sales rep for freebies (e.g. tickets to the Broncos)

Contributed by one of Ping’s advisors

SSO for Salesforce

December 02, 2008 By: Andre Category: Identity, Ping Identity

When we started Ping, I had no idea how specific SSO solutions could or would become. While we’ve made a lot of progress with standards such as SAML, there’s still a number of things which have to be done to manage users in remote SaaS applications. One of the common requests we get from enterprises is to SSO with Salesforce. It’s one of the reasons we acquired SXIP Access from SXIP Identity, and why we now spend so much time in this space.

Now we’ve joined up with Salesforce Sr. Product Manager Peter Dapkus in an upcoming Webinar describing what’s required to secure Salesforce with your existing identity management system. If you have a Salesforce integration issue, this is a must attend event. Event Details