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June 25, 2007 By: Andre Category: Identity

We launched today, a free Personal Identity Management service which provides people with a no-frills OpenID account for use at any OpenID enabled website. Instead of passwords, if the user so chooses, the service leverages Information Cards for authentication.

The release of this service marks just the beginning of our offerings designed to explore the intersection of business and consumer interactions, and to fine-tune the user-experience and business model of an independent identity provider.

The team, lead by Ashish Jain, really did a nice job with this one, creating a service that is useful today, and will only grow in utility over time.

Details of the service are as follows:

  • Information Cards enabled OpenID 1.1 Provider
  • Supports SREG for attributes exchange
  • HTTPS required for OpenID Authentication (reduces man in the middle)
  • Supports self-issued (personal) information cards for authentication. (reduces phishing attacks)
  • User can register multiple self-issued cards (one for office, one for home etc….since mobility is a big issue with information cards)
  • Support for ‘Trusted Sites’.
  • Support for Activity (client IP, time, target RP etc).
  • Support multiple identifiers (e.g.,,
  • Future version will support Managed cards, SAML & WS-Federation. A demo of the Managed Card functionality is being held at the Catalyst interop event.

CareCore does SAML 2.0 in 14 Days

June 06, 2007 By: Andre Category: Identity

Ping Identity announced a customer win today with CareCore National. They deployed SAML 2.0 with PingFederate in less than 2 weeks. This timeline might not sound like a big deal. It is. Full production roll-outs of anything in a major enterprise setting rarely happens in weeks.

over 30 million lives under care, CareCores clients
include some of the country’s largest payors. When theCEO of one such health plan challenged CareCores CEO to implement
federated single sign-on so that patients, providers and plan employees already
logged into the payors site could seamlessly access
CareCores Web portal without having to re-authenticate, CareCore responded by implementing PingFederate in less than 2 weeks. 

We had an extreme timeline to deliver federated
single sign-on, and the results speak for themselves. First we identified SAML
as the standard to commit to, and then identified Ping Identity as a leader in
the space, said Bill Moore, CTO, CareCore National.
PingFederate was selected because it reduces
complexity, cost, and time-to-production. With the Ping Identity team we
successfully tied two organizations together in two weeks and delivered a
seamless web experience for end users.