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The Science of Sales

April 01, 2007 By: Andre Category: Identity

Over the years, my experience in making our sales plan has always been a bit elusive. In retrospect, it wasn’t for lack of hard work, or focus, or hiring talented sales people, it was for lack of understanding how much of making the number boils down to simply good sales process and management.

When I met Bill Dedrick for the first time a year ago while he interviewed for our VP of Worldwide Sales, he said, “there’s the art of sales and the science of sales. On a continuum, I’m way over here on the science of sales.”

Watching him work over the past year has been a real eye opener for me. Systematically, Bill has worked the process and little by little, reduced what was once mostly art and luck into a much more predictable sales process.

Another mentor of mine, Frank Perna, a long-time CEO, fellow surfer and now Ping board member shares Bill’s passion for the process of sales. Every CEO, over the years, develops his particular formula for success. In Frank’s case, it’s all about the pipeline, and what he refers to as the ‘gravity fed pipeline’, meaning, making the number is automatic if you have the quality and debth of pipeline that statistically will produce the sales number you’re looking for.

Like any well disciplined world-class athelete, both of these gentlemen have honed their formula’s for repeatability, scalability and predictability when it comes to sales.

I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity for mentorship by these two individuals, and while I’m no closer to being the kind of person who could run a sales organization like either one of them, at least now, I have pattern recognition on what it looks like when it’s done right.