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OpenID / SAML Bridge

March 16, 2007 By: Andre Category: Identity

We’ve done a lot of identity mashup over here at Ping Identity. We demo’d Cardspace authentication bootstrapping a SAML session, and then a bit later CardSpace authentication initiating an OpenID session.

All of this experimentation is to better understand why/where and how the different approaches add value, compliment or overlap, first hand.

It’s no surprise then that I find this post which discusses how an OpenID URL was used to bootstrap a SAML 2.0 session quite interesting.

Perhaps one of the most powerful concepts of OpenID is the fact that it gives the user a visible ‘handle’ (identifier) that is used and handed out at relying party websites.

It could, quite possibly, end up becoming one of the most important concepts OpenID and LID introduced.

You know how sometimes it’s the little things that get dismissed, overlooked or discounted, when in fact they end up being really important? The visible identifier, in this case, is that little thing.

Avoid the Hype. Ride the Coaster

March 15, 2007 By: Andre Category: Identity

What does the Gartner Hype Cycle and a Roller Coaster have in common? Apparently not a lot as Chris Ceppi joins the fun in this witty analogy.

Identity Zeitgeist

March 14, 2007 By: Andre Category: Identity

Question: How do you know you’ve been in the identity industry too long?
When all of a sudden, you see everything as a parody. I just entered year 6.


We’ve written like 17 zillion whitepapers over here at Ping Identity. All of them serious.

About a month ago I thought, why not explore the lighter side of identity. Life is short. Let’s have some fun.  So I enlisted the help of someone (whom I’m dying to name but can’t at the moment). This guy is an absolute riot, and total creative genius. He came up with the above and together, we’re having a blast putting together some homemade videos and other little fun snippets about our industry.

We don’t have an agenda, we’re pretty much just having fun, after all, life is short… hmm, did I say that already? So, while I have no intension of offending anyone, I’m a bit tormented, because sometimes, some of the raw material we’re working with is just too, well, real.

Did I mention life is short yet? Let’s have some fun.

Web2.0 Meets Entrepreneur. Entrepreneur meets Fund Reputation

March 14, 2007 By: Andre Category: Identity

The Funded ( is a site Eric Norlin just turned me onto. It’s a venture fund reputational system whereby entrepreneurs rate VC’s on deal terms, competence, execution assistance etc. It even has a private, member only area where CEO’s and other entrepreneurs can lend advice to other entrepreneurs looking to do business with the funds in question.

I’ve been lucky here at Ping, we have some very smart and supportive backers. Thus far, two of our VC’s are listed in the top 5 (Draper and Fidelity Ventures).

What a great resource to entrepreneurs.

Just say NO to proprietary SSO!

March 13, 2007 By: Andre Category: Identity

I plan to be in Seattle this coming Tuesday to give a free seminar on the
role of Federated Identity Management standards such as SAML and WS-Federation in securing partner
interactions. The event will take place at the Seattle Museum of Flight, which looks to be a fantastic museum. Lunch is on us, but space is limited. RSVP is required. Details follow:

WHEN: Tuesday, March 20, 2007 – 12pm to 1:30pm

WHERE: Museum of Flight
– South View Lounge
– 9404 East Marginal Way South
– Seattle, WA 98108-4097
– 206-764-5720

LUNCH: Complimentary McCormick & Schmick’s Lunch

Registrations must be received by Thursday, March 15th .

Mystery Employee

March 13, 2007 By: Andre Category: Identity

We have a new employee starting soon. He faxed us a copy of his ID. Apparently our Fax machine comes with pseudonimity built-in.

Comment from Gunnar Peterson: “…the only
technology worse than fax is username/password”

Name Mapping

March 12, 2007 By: Andre Category: Identity

This months print edition of the Economist discusses several interesting technological trends, and specifically the problem the intelligence community has in identifier mapping (name mapping). Now having spent a little bit of time on the subject through our experimentation with OpenID and URL identifiers, I find the entire subject of identifier mapping to be a source of rich conversation. Too bad my own outdated blog here can’t support comments!

Got your Web2.0 Domain Right Here

March 11, 2007 By: Andre Category: Identity

I’m not a domain squatter! Well, I wasn’t, until recently.

I often kill time looking for good brands just for the hell of it. Normally, I’ll spend hours looking only to find absolutely nothing available. I’m convinced Web2.0 names sound the way they do because quite frankly, nothing else is left.

Late one night recently in a fit of unsolicited creativity I went bizerk and registered 20 or so domains. I’m not exactly sure why. Needless to say, I don’t need them.

  • Webzillas Redflies Ezeet
    Boxflea Boomflow Loxso
    Moxso Zillabee Racesnap
    Raceclick Zipboot Bigseem
    Boxpet Boxhook Monkfire
    Zipfoot Hotseem Monkbug

Lessons in Passwords

March 08, 2007 By: Andre Category: Identity

George W. Bush gives us a lesson in passwords. Seriously funny.

Password Hell

March 03, 2007 By: Andre Category: Identity

Another day. Another password.