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InfoCards Demo

June 12, 2006 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

We’ll be demo’ing the Ping Identity Java InfoCards Server this week at Catalyst in the Microsoft Hospitality Suite. It was built on top of PingTrust, but will likely become a module of PingLogin. I really appreciate the kind words from Kim Cameron, he’s been great in helping us get this far. The demo will also show how an InfoCards authentication can then be federated via SAML and WS-Federation to one of several security domains via PingFederate and our turn-key integration kits.  


PingFederate 4.0 Released – Download Today

June 05, 2006 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

We released PingFederate 4 today. You can download it from our website at 4.0 can legitimately be called ‘robust’.

Notable Features:

  • Multi-Protocol SSO & SLO Support — SAML 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 & WS-Federation
  • 100% Use-Case Driven GUI Configuration
  • Advanced Out-of-Box Data-Source Integration (LDAP, RDBMS, Custom SDK)
  • Role-Based Administration
  • Advanced Support for Identity Linking & Mapping
  • Support for Advanced Failover and Clustering Configurations
  • Turn-Key Integration Kits for Java, .Net, Siteminder, COREid, & NTLM (Windows login)
  • PF4

    Best of all, you can use PingFederate for free for 100,000 transactions. Download Now.