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Ashish Jain & InfoCards

March 19, 2006 By: Andre Category: Life

One of Ping’s sr. architects and resident identity guru’s, Ashish Jain has created a new blog to document his experiences working with InfoCards.

Take away what we take for granted. Pay for what we had.

March 16, 2006 By: Andre Category: Life

Eric Norlin and I use to muse that the money was not going to be made
in identity at the end-user level, but instead in anonymity. Think
about it, we take an ability to be anonymous rather for granted in many
circumstances as it has been the norm for thousands of years. As
however it is in businesses and governments best interest to ‘know us /
tag us / classify us’, there is no shortage of corporate or government
funding going towards the identification of people, things, places,
transactions etc. etc.. We’re on a one-way death march towards the
identification of everything, and as individuals, we won’t have to dish
out a penny. However, give this a few more years and once this
identification infrastructure is in place, I can very well see
individuals paying to be anonymized once again. Trackless.

Drivers for mass end-user adoption of identity

March 15, 2006 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

Having spent several months contemplating the end-user side of identity, I’m convinced that utility, not convenience and re-action, not action is required to drive mass adoption.