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These Pictures Say it All

January 26, 2006 By: Andre Category: Life

I saw this nifty little FM radio car MP3 player on Gizmodo this morning, and out of curiosity, followed the links to the manufacturers website. Curious about the company, I came across this web-page. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and well, these two pretty much do. Staying on top of the dogpile just got a little bit harder. Notice the yellow tape on the floor behind the chairs.

America’s Cinderella Era

January 24, 2006 By: Andre Category: Life

If you haven’t seen Cinderella Man, see it. It recounts an era in American history that has too quickly been forgotten. I can’t imagine not being in a position to provide for my children, but hundreds of millions live that way today. Less the movie (which by the way has a happy ending), I have only a single memory of a first person experience of the depression. My grandmother once could only get $.25 for an entire truckload of farm potatoes.

In many respects, the industrial period represented the Cinderella era for America, as it catered to the hard working middle class, and provided a foundation for the average American to fullfil their dreams.

What has me concerned now however, is how, in the information age, the average American will compete in a global economy. We’re living on the cusp of what I fear will be a very harsh period of time as the water level normalizes and the disparity between the quality of life here in America is reconciled world-wide.