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Three People in Business

July 27, 2005 By: Andre Category: Life

While I know what follows is a gross over-simplification, I’ve come
to believe there are fundamentally only three types of people in

  1. Builders – At the front of every train you typically have
    the entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are all about ‘what could be’. They
    envision the world the way they want to create it and then set out to
    make that vision a reality. Entrepreneurs are typically described as
    both visionary or charasmatic.
  2. Executers – In the middle car you have those that were born
    to execute. Executers might not brainstorm your next innovation, but
    once an idea is hatched, they can execute the heck out of it.
  3. Protectors – At the back of the train you have the
    protector. Neither innovation nor execution mean anything to a
    protector, who is motivated only to protect and guard what’s
    already been won in terms of assets. Protectors are better at
    saying “no” than anything else, for fear that any movement might
    somehow deminish or dwindle what’s been harvested by those before them.

I believe people are born into one of these three basic profiles,
and while they might improve their ability to both appreciate and fake
acting differently, they are basically, at their core, religated to one
or the other.

I also believe that companies, as they experience a natural cycle of
maturity, tend to attract more leaders, visionaries and builders in the
early stages of their life, only to give way over time to the
protector, or those that are brought in to protect what’s been won.

The key to building a great company which stands the test of
time is to understand these three basic types of people, and to hire
the right mix at any moment in time. Hiring too many protectors too
early could paralyze a business, have none in later stage companies and
you’d run the risk of  being too risky.

Nearly time for Lake Powell

July 26, 2005 By: Andre Category: Life

This photo (thanks Thor) pretty much captures the chaos we survived last year at Lake Powell. Too bad our buddy Craig (both of them) might not make it this year.


July 26, 2005 By: Andre Category: Life

I’m sitting in SAP headquarters in Walldorf Germany. SAP is the worlds 3rd largest software company, and sells enterprise software to the largest enterprises in just about every vertical. Interestingly enough however, with over $10b in annual gross revenues, they haven’t yet caught onto the productivity enhancing concept of air conditioning. The office, on a hot day, can reach 85 degrees or higher (not factoring in humidity).  I thought this fact was just one of those little blogable oddities.


I got in a day early yesterday and spent it walking around Heidelberg. What a beautiful little town right along the Rhein. I sat at a Starbucks and listened to some guy across the street playing some of the best dixie music I’ve ever heard. What a surreal experience.

Dave Kearns Gets It

July 20, 2005 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

No need for me to describe my post of a few days ago. Dave’s got it.

Passel – “Identity for the rest of us”

July 20, 2005 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

Looks like Dave Smith and a bunch of his friends from the old gang (Peter Saint-Andre, Jer, Peter Millard) have finally posted their work related to a lightweight, end-user focused identity system here.

It will be interesting to watch where this goes over the course of the next several months. Passel describes itself as:

“Passel is a lightweight, user-centric identity system that enables people to manage their online identity. It is designed to maximize privacy and user-control of information which forms an identity. Passel is built on the idea that identity is composed of equal part social norms and 3rd-party verified information.

Passel is the foundation for a fully decentralized personal identity ecosystem. We believe that it is essential for the protocol to be not only open and specified, but also be easy to implement. Participation in the network should require the lowest possible effort without compromising security. To facilitate this vision, the Passel project provides Open Source reference implementations of the Passel protocol in multiple languages.”

View Whitepaper

Attributes, Identifyers & Correlating the Two

July 05, 2005 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

In a Tequila induced stupor Friday night, I came to the following
realization, “the sum of the correlation between
attributes is greater than the sum of raw attributes
themselves.” I’ll explain at a later time.