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Digital ID World 2005

January 03, 2005 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity


Well, with 2005 officially here, it’s time to start thinking about this year’s Digital ID World, which is moving to San Francisco in May. This year’s theme — All Roads Lead to Identity, is appropriate given the current state of information security, border security, spam, phishing, compliance and the management of both identity risk and fraud. We’ll continue to focus on Identity Management, but will expand this theme to identity-enabling web services. We also anticipate breaking out strategy, implementation and emerging technologies, something we’ve not done before…  

Laws of Identity

January 03, 2005 By: Andre Category: Life

I’ve been reading with interest the work of Kim Cameron and Craig Burton on the laws of identity. I spent similar time and effort in the early days of Ping working with Eric Norlin, Phil Becker, Bryan Field-Elliott and Griffin Caruolo discussing the forces at work behind the evolution of identity systems. That work led to some musings about the tiers of identity (which Doc Searls later described in much better terms) and the phases of adoption.


I haven’t yet had time to give the laws serious thought, but their work has prompted me to consolidate some thinking that guides my movements in the space. While identity is indeed a complex and multi-faceted topic, I’ve come to appreciate one simple concept:


The right identity system will accomodate the needs of all participants. (I see basically three)


  individual (identity principle) – need/desire to know where information resides and control sharing of personal info

  company (typically the “other party” to an identity interaction) –  need to identify & authenticate, need to track interaction history, desire to share certain information with partners

 government – acts on individuals behalf to regulate use of information amongst companies. Has a need to know certain information in certain circumstances


Likely more important than understanding the needs of the three paricipants above, for those involved in building this infrastructure, is the likely timing that various compontents will need to exist. A “balance” among the three parties will ultimately evolve, but it is likely that an imbalance will exist prior to this harmony being achieved. Understanding first order initiatives which are economically sustainable is key.



Border Security

January 03, 2005 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

I was watching a special MSNBC report on border security. The expert was talking about the fact that they need better cross-country, cross-border coordination of identity and authentication. It’s interesting to listen to the terminology they use, which has direct parallels to the terminology used in information security and with the federation of identity. No doubt our government issued identities will at some point be linked (federated) as part of their attempt to stop the flow of potential terrorists into this country. Funny how this too puts more emphasis on the point of initial identification and vetting.