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Sun & Microsoft to cooperate on SSO

June 29, 2004 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

Sun and Microsoft plan to detail Phase One of their historic partnership in late summer, Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy said Tuesday at JavaOne.

The first phase of the partnership will be to “solve single sign-on” and facilitate interoperability between the LDAP model of the directory and identity management products in Sun’s Java Enterprise System and Microsoft ActiveDirectory, McNealy told attendees in his morning keynote at Sun’s annual Java developer confab in San Francisco.

Once Sun and Microsoft make their software interoperable, “users can log into the network once without having to remember multiple passwords and have their authentication travel across software infrastructure from both Sun and Microsoft,” McNealy said.

Speaking at Supernova – June 24-25, 2004

June 10, 2004 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

I’ll be speaking at Kevin’s Supernova conference at the end of this month on the topic of identity federation. If you plan to be there and want to get together, send me a note at

Identity goes ‘Platinum’

June 03, 2004 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

I’ve noticed an interesting trend recently with respect to general enterprise recognition surrounding the importance of ‘identity’. I’ve spoken with several companies in the past four weeks who have all indicated that ‘identity’ is being treated as a ‘platinum’ technology or strategic directive. Some companies are even letting initiatives surrounding security slide as a result of their focus on identity, as they see identity as more central to their integration, management and security agendas.

I suspect this is all an early indication of identity moving to center stage within the next 12 to 18 months.

Interview with Halley Suitt of Worthwhile

June 01, 2004 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

Did an interview with Halley of Worthwhile here about Ping’s birth.