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Great Quote from Jamie Lewis of The Burton Group

June 10, 2003 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

“Federation” is the only logical way to scale things, and will become a commonly applied means of achieving the goals we defined for meta-directory services.

Taxonomy of Federated Identity

June 08, 2003 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

The following diagram illustrates a break-down of likely roles that companies will play in the identity provioning of individuals. Both enterprises and network on-ramps (such as ISPs and Wireless Operators) are likely to emerge as primary authenticators. In addition to authenticators, we’ll likely also see a classification of companies emerge which can best be called Attribute Providers, in that they will not view their role in the identity provisioning process to be one of authentication, but instead to provide identity attributes through federation. Companies like Equifax and ID Analytics will likely fall into this category.