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I’m a father!

January 10, 2003 By: Andre Category: Life

Parker Madison Durand

January 10, 2003 By: Andre Category: Musings

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Role of the Primary Authenticator in an Identity Network

January 04, 2003 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

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As federated identity comes to play a more strategic and central role in the information architecture of corporate entities, identity networks will ensure quality and the management of risk in an identity interchange. The third-party nature of the identity network allows for a common framework, or perimeter, within which quality, risk and liability can be managed for all identity interchange transactions.  However, the entity that first authenticates an identity (the “Primary Authenticator”) into the network brings tremendous value which must be rewarded by the business models for identity federation.

This brief explores the role and importance of the Primary Authenticator within the constructs of federated identity interchange.

By Eric Norlin and Andre Durand

The Identity Discussion Heats Up

January 01, 2003 By: Andre Category: Life

Wow, I had no idea the discussion on digital identity was heating up so much. Apparently Eric has been stirring the discussion with DocMitch, Britt & Ming. It’s nice to see some substantive discussion around the three tiers of identity article I published at Digital ID World last year… Perhaps I need to re-visit and rethink some of my earlier thoughts on digital reputations.