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PingID Network – Complementing the Liberty Alliance Project

November 18, 2002 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

With the creation of The Liberty Alliance Project, industry leaders coalesced around the objective of creating an open technical specification for the federation of digital identity. While Liberty‘s contributions are an important first step, they represent only a portion of overall requirements businesses face when engaging one another in federated identity services. Technical standards aside, businesses wishing to engage one another in wide-spread federation require efficient models of establishing relationships, settling disputes and managing distributed trust. Therefore, a quality assured business and legal framework which accommodates not just technology, but the business requirements of federation such as operating rules, regulations, and methods of resolving disputes and honoring privacy legislation is a requirement.


Enter the PingID Network, a member-owned, technology-neutral identity network designed to provide businesses with a common framework for accelerating the deployment of wide-scale federated identity services.  In compliment to the Liberty Alliance, the PingID Network does not define technology standards, but instead looks to define business process, policy and procedural standards combined with shared services which enable distributed trust and accelerate federated deployments without sacrificing security.