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MindWire NT Server – Client/Server BBS

September 29, 2002 By: Andre Category: Life

I got a really nostalgic email today from my past — the old Durand Communications days ( from 1993-1998.

Tonight, a former MindWire user wrote:

“I remember initially starting off with remote access bulletin boards and then having a heart attack when I saw MindWire hit the market. It was unique then and there’s still nothing like it since. I loved it then and I still love it now.. the only problem is that it’s absolutely nowhere on the internet. I have to admit that ever since I shut down, i’ve had the itch to get it back up and running again. Enough to drive a guy up the wall. Kudos on your success by the way, seems like you’ve made it for yourself quite well. It’s good to see someone with such an excellent concept of good software move around and lead several successful projects to fruition. I’m certainly considering putting something back online.. just need the software in order to do it.. (unfortunately, floppies don’t fare well over the years if you know what i mean..)”

So I pulled one of two remaining boxes of the old software program off the back of my office door and opened it up just for kicks. If you’re interested, you can get them below.

Download the MINDWIRE NT 2.10 Client/Server Software (FREE of course)


Free Software, at Least to a Certain Point

September 23, 2002 By: Andre Category: Life

After the Microsoft jokes, after the speaker’s disquisition on the moral imperative of free software, after the salad, steak and chocolate raspberry pie, the benefit dinner for the Free Software Foundation in Manhattan finally came down to business last Thursday. It seems the foundation, whose purpose is to persuade people to donate their software code to the greater good, needs money. The paradox was not lost on some diners, who questioned what “free” actually meant in such contexts.


I got quite a laugh out of this article. Hey, I’m not against free software, but at the end of the day, money makes the world turn, and hy-brid models are the way to balance what’s free and what’s paid-for.

Jabber Messenger – A Big Step in the Right Direction

September 22, 2002 By: Andre Category: Musings

Jabber, Inc. recently announced the Jabber Messenger, a much anticipated update to the JIM instant messenger client which had been in circulation as the official Jabber client for over 18 months. (but was never meant originally to be anything more than a demo of Jabber client funcationality that had overgrown it’s original intended use).

Jabber Messenger is based upon Disney’s Go Instant Messenger, which was written in C++ (unlike the JIM client, which was written in Delphi) and has some fantastic built-in features.

The updated client does several things for Jabber, Inc.

– it provides solid footing to develop out it’s client offering, balancing the sophistication and robustness of its current scalable server offering with a client which can truly provide some powerful desktop features in the years to come.

– it incorporates a much needed auto-client-update feature which will ensure that from here on out, the Jabber client installed base will be using the latest-and-greatest Jabber, Inc. has to offer.

– it incorporates much better window handling behavior.

– with an embedded IE browser within the client and a tab structure for adding content dynamically, it now provides a client platform (programmable from the server) capable of extending generic notification services to the desktop and dynamically updated XML content. Positioned correctly to the developer and enterprise community, this is a HUGE feature, and one which provides a foundation for corporations and service providers deploying IM services to build upon. It’s also the first step towards what I envisioned as a ‘universal communications client’. One which is fully programmable by the server and context sensative (taking on a different UI) based upon what communications it was engaged in.

As I initiated the negotiations to have Jabber acquire the Disney IM client some time ago, it’s pleasing to see that something came of those early discussions, and even more pleasing to see what a solid job Jabber has done in incorporating it into its strategy.

Liberty Alliance Project

September 22, 2002 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

Most recently I had PingID join the Liberty Alliance Project, a consortia of over 130 companies working to define standards for identity interoperability for applications such as simplified sign-on. Last week Eric and I attended the first all-hands meeting in Chicago to better understand the potential overlap of Liberty and our future plans to build the first identity network (to be announced at Digital ID World in three weeks).

Much to our delight, we learned that at least at this moment in time, there is absolutely no overlap between our plans for the PingID Network and the Liberty Project. This comes as some relief, as we didn’t want to enter the market with any perceived competition at such an early stage in our development. More to come on the PingID Network in the weeks to come.

Authentication Sharing Scenarios

September 15, 2002 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

I’ve spent some time recently with Carol Coye Benson thinking through the various scenarios which will likely exist with respect to authentication sharing (Single Sign-On). As one might imagine, there are many permutations which will likely exist, each requiring their own set of business agreements.

We’re doing some interesting things at PingID to facilitate unilateral, bilateral and multilateral relationships between businesses with respect to this first step in identity-interchance. More to come at the conference in October.