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The Digital Estate

May 13, 2002 By: Andre Category: Ping Identity

Bryan Field-Elliot (PingID CTO) just completed a great conceptual article on one possible architecture and metaphore for understanding digital identity, what he refers to as the “Digital Estate

Provision This…

May 13, 2002 By: Andre Category: Life

There’s all this talk lately surrounding the emerging ‘identity provisioning’ market opportunity. They still don’t get it. I will not be ‘issued’ or ‘provisioned’ my identity. Furthermore, the existance of my identity doesn’t depend upon my having a relationship with someone, especially a corporation or enterprise. I thought this email from Rick Boardman summed it up nicely.


Grrrr.. I bet these guys who surveyed negative are the types who make employees sign into firewalls to access the internet, cause month delays in new employees being able to do anything on their computer, bring entire branches of the network down because “whoops” they tightened security a little too far, and interestingly are the ones who end up forgetting to take exiting employees out of a couple of apps.

I’ve worked as mainframe admin, network admin and physical security. I’ve also worked helpdesk and have developed applications for marketing and HR. Bottom line, it’s all messed up. Many corporations today fail at customer support because they have the same mentality towards customers as they have toward their employees. Control. The whole thing is about who is in control. PingID has the right idea in giving control to the individual of their own information.

What the corporations don’t see is that this will save them time, money, and will enhance their relationship with employee and customer alike. What they do understand is it will require them to change some of their base concepts, marketing strategies, they will need to become more responsible in their relationships.

Unfortunately even governments have different ideas of control. The US government not many years back passed a bill (I don’t have the reference

handy) that allows phone companies to sell call trend information about individuals. Governments in general benefit in crime fighting if they have better control over individual movement.

Many roadblocks. Many paranoia’s. Many justified concerns. But…

We are entering a new age of mobility and integration and if we don’t get a trustworthy ID system in place we will tie ourselves further into a pattern of “working for our computers” rather than “being enabled by our resources.”

On Open Source Development…

May 02, 2002 By: Andre Category: Life

“…it’s like I want to build a bridge over a river by soliciting help, but people won’t move forward until we can be totally certain that there will still be water in the river in a million years, and that cars will still be important then.” — A Good Friend