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Digital Identity Taxonomy

January 18, 2002 By: Andre Category: Life

Where we fit in the entire schema of things… (an early view). Definitely a rough draft.

Digital Identity World

January 18, 2002 By: Andre Category: Musings

Phil Becker, a long-time friend, mentor and former co-founder of ISPCON has agreed to both fund and help develop the industries first Digital Identity World tradeshow here in the US. Working with Justin M. (founder of JabberCentral (, we’re also launching an industry information portal to coincide with the tradeshow. This effort is being done completely separate of PingID to ensure that everyone in this emerging space has an equal opportunity to contribute and participate in meaningful ways. Justin’s been doing a bang-up job at getting the  industry portal together. Here is a first mock-up of what the site will look like. Look for the site about the end of January at

Digital Identity Research Links

January 17, 2002 By: Andre Category: Life

Phil Becker did a fantastic job finding this list of research links covering the Digital Identity space. Check Them Out!

Digital Identity Research Links

January 17, 2002 By: Andre Category: Musings

Equifax Identity Monitering Services
Personal Identity Protection Insurance
Identity Theft Resources
Identity Theft
Travelers Identity Theft Insurance
Digital Identity Servers (.NAME DNS) – ASCIO
Protecting your digital identity
NOVELL Solution Offering – Digital Identity Management
Press Release – Activcard Inks 250,000th Digital Identity License in Deals with Datacard, HP, Sun, Lloyds, Citicorp And US DOD
NewsNetCertainty Inks $3 Million Deal for Digital Identity Services
Protect Your Digital Identity. (Identity Theft Problem).
Second Annual Digital Identity Forum
Rainbow Technologies on “What is a Digital ID”
Ascio Technologies, Inc. – First in Digital Identity
Your legal rights over digital identity
More On Digital Identity, Client-Side Security
CNN Report – Total digital privacy may be on the horizon – Aug 18, 1999
VeriSign And Activcard Team To Deliver Seamlessly Integrated, Next-Generation Solution For Two-Factor Authentication
Legal-Technical Architectures of Cyberspace
Directory services take center stage
Courion self-service identity management solutions reduce support costs, increase security and improve service.
Microsoft – Managing Identity within an Enterprise
Digital signature and electronic signature software for e-commerce security, E-Sign compliant – Digital Signature Help Desk
E-Commerce News Update Sun, Liberty Alliance Align Against Passport
FAQ – VisionShare Inc
Revolutionizing the United States Military ID Badge
Products-Services TrustID Digital Certificates
Personal Certification FAQ’s
PinkRoccade Digisign internet security PGP PKI training digital encryption certificates server ID’s signatures Verisign trusted
Wild ID – Totally Free Digital ID
Where to Get Your Digital ID
Secude Digital ID Center
Az-Tech iSignet iButton Digital ID
Qwest Digital ID Guide
ValiCert Secure Solutions for Paperless e-Business
Clearing the Digital ID
CIPHERWAR U.S. Orders Over 4 Million Digital ID Cards
MasterCard International – Digital ID’s
Welcome to!
Digital Certificate ID Links Page
Pennsylvania seeks to legalize digital ID – Tech News –
The University of Texas-Pan American Computer Center-PKI
Digital IDs, Privacy, and Freedom
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Implantable ID technology – adsx
S-Mime Introduction Page
Computerweek – Mastercard CVSP program
Paragon Services, Inc. – Security FAQs
First Business Bank – Milwaukee, Security-Disclosures
Digital ID Cards Pose Civil Liberty Risk – Report – Digital ID Cards
News Is The Digital Signature Enough
Veridicom, Inc., Fingerprint authentication technology enabling secure e-commerce, smartcard, Smartcards, Smartcard, smartcards
Good Privacy vs. Bad Privacy – Jon Udell
Tovaris – The digital identity company
Identity Center – Identity services, systems integration
SmartTrust – Digital identity products
Join ActiveCard’s digital identity revolution
Government – Building the Digital Identity
Swiss as trusted third parties in digital identity
France Internet Next Generation (FING)
Univ of Toronto – Digital Identity Technology Working Group
e-Security Conference March 2001
InternetWeek – Entrust brings Digital IDs to IBM Mainframes
IBM Zurich Research Laboratory, News – Digital ID Card Test
Viisage Technology Biometric ID equipment
Personal Digital ID’s – Message Rant
ETHICOMP99 – Abstract Regulating Digital Identity
Datacard Identity Center – Evaluating digital identity solutions
Arcot Systems Press Room Press Releases 08.02.00

PingID Logos

January 17, 2002 By: Andre Category: Life

We finalized our logo today and here it is… You’ll be seeing this plenty from now on.


I personally think that the “>” symbol on the first one is an extremely brandable mark, and I like the boldness of colors in both of them.

PingID Website

January 16, 2002 By: Andre Category: Life

Kevin Conboy just completed the mock-up of our new corporate website. I’m pretty opinionated when it comes to these things, but he nailed it.

Digital Identity Bill of Rights

January 08, 2002 By: Andre Category: Life

Yesterday we held our first 4 hour brainstorming session for Ping Identity Corporation. While many topics were discussed, easily the most interesting topic had to do with digital identity rights and principles.

The results of the discussion ended in a collection of poorly scribbled hand-written notes which I brought home last night and drafted this morning into the linked document. I’m sure that many things will change about this Bill of Rights as we progress and other more talented, wise and insightful people are provided an opportunity to comment, but for now, I think it’s a good start. Check it out.

In the Beginning

January 08, 2002 By: Andre Category: Musings

In the beginning there was Ogg. Ogg had a globally unique digital identity, he just didn’t know it it yet. Credit: Bryan Field-Elliot