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Chocolate is Out – Make-Up is In

December 20, 2001 By: Andre Category: Life

About five years ago, I became acutely aware of the symtoms of a chocoholic:

  • Chocoholics can’t keep chocolate in the house, if they do, they’ll eat it… They just can’t control themselves! Therefore, the thing they love the most is rarely available when they want it.

  • Chocoholics really appreciate good chocolate! The problem is, at 10pm at night, the only chocolate available is an Oreo cookie or if lucky, perhaps a Snickers bar, not bad, but not exactly what they’d select if given a choice.

  • When chocoholics get ‘jonesen’ for chocolate, price becomes irrelevant. They’ll pay a premium to have good chocolate and they don’t want too much of it, just the right amount.

I’ve long since thought that it would make sense to build a business supplying the last legally remaining yet commercially underexploited chemically addicting substance, chocolate, to a select niche of chocoholics!

Chocolate is a comfort food. It not only releases opiates in the brain, causing all that consume it to have a feeling of well-being (even euphoria), but it just tastes good! 

The Business Concept     

Chocolate On Demand (COD’s) business was simple; we would look far and wide for the finest and most scrumdelicious chocolate recipes on earth, publish them into a tastefully photographed catalog (designed for the coffee table) and deliver them to the demographically appropriate zip codes. The catalog would contain all the things women love the most: tastefully photographed men, flowers and chocolate. (Not that plenty of men are not chocoholics, but we just feel that women were more honest about it).

COD was designed to be the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, celebrations or just quiet moments at home alone. With the convenience of a quick 1-800 phone call, the best chocolate on earth would be delivered directly to your doorstep within 30 minutes.

In any event, to make a long story short, getting my wife Kim excited about this business was equivilent to single-handedly pushing a semi up Highway 70, and yesterday we finally had a come-to-Jesus discussion about what she really wanted to do.

…and that’s when everything changed.

Since yesterday, we’ve decided to scap the COD business, and instead do make-up. As it turns out, it just so happens that a very good friend of ours, Cedrique, is a renouned make-up artist, and has won make-up artist of the year 4 times in the US. Not only that, but he also does make-up for the Bronco’s cheerleaders (a plus).

So, chocolate is out, make-up is in. Look for some pretty fun make-up parties to be happening in the coming months at the Durand’s!

Anyone want to buy some KILLER Chocolate Logos? We have 9 different versions of logos designed by Deb Neleigh?

Winds of change…

December 15, 2001 By: Andre Category: Life

Growing up in southern California I spent quite a bit of time at the beach. Winter was always a special time as dark disheveled clouds ushered in the regular winter storms, toeing behind them the tidal surge which swept down the coastline leaving beaches sandless or with mounds of washed ashore kelp.

I used to sit in my car in the beach parking lot on days like these, listening to Pink Floyd on my CD player and watching seagulls swoop past with the wind, in one moment effortlessly gliding and the next, tossed like a rag doll by a young and playful child. To this day, I can still smell the distinctive odor of the old Eucalyptus trees as they swayed heavily against the storm, creating a symphony in time with the wind while at the same time shedding the less sturdy leaves and branches onto the empty parking lot all around me, now void of the regular beach going crowd.

Day’s like that were seldom but oh so very, very special. It’s during these times, and only these times, surrounding by the ocean and the brisk, heavy air that I remember the distinct feeling of my life as an endless ship of possibilities. While brief, I distinctly remember how the wind stirred my soul, as if beckoning me to new and unknown places and adventure. For brief moments, I could do anything, I could be anyone, I had no limits.

I miss those days. It’s as if the same bubbles we construct to comfort ourselves in warmth and safety at the same shield and binds us, shortening our vision to that which is immediate and near.

While in many respects I feel as if my unbridled and youthful enthusiasm has waned over the years, I still, on occasion, feel a passing of those rare soulful moments. Lately, while my cycle has slowed, I’ve noticed a peaking that tends to coincide with the New Year, as I contemplate the possibilities of what the future might hold, and combine that with an unusual desire to start anew coincidental to the first day of the new calendar.

For a few moments, as I sat at a stop light this evening, gauging the size of halo’s projected from the brake lights in front of me, my eyes wandered upwards, and I caught a glimpse the moon as it pushed upwards through the branches of neighboring tree. In that brief moment, it was as if I was transported back to the parking lots of Southern California, once again looking out over the ocean, listening to the waves break against the pylons of the local peer, feeling again, if not for just a moment, what I might do in the future, and looking forward to a world full of nothing but possibility and adventure.

Tonight I sensed the unknown as it awaited me. And I look forward to meeting it.

Best Photos of Caribbean 2001

December 09, 2001 By: Andre Category: Life

I finally took the time to compile some of the best photo’s of our Caribbean trip in October and September. Check them out!

Best Photos of Caribbean 2001

December 09, 2001 By: Andre Category: Musings

“THE TRIP” took place between October 5th, 2001 and November 10th, 2001. The islands visited were Bonaire, Curacao and Aruba off of the coast of South America.

Craig “Captain” at the wheel.

Craig at the wheel, 10 knots.

Craig doing what he does best…”Chill’en”

Catching up on Motocross Magazine

Showing off my tan while on a collision course with that cargo ship.

At the wheel. Not moving too fast…

My morning routine.

Edward, the bartender at Sunset Waters.


In Aruba, getting ready to go back to work.

In Aruba, happy about coming home!

Our last sunset. Aruba.

Craig with Kim’s hat. Aruba

On the mountain in Curacao.

On the way back to the boat after playing tennis. Curacao.

On a hill overlooking Sunset Waters bay in Curacao.

Getting ready to go home. Arube.

Leaving the boat for the last time. Aruba.

The last sunset. Aruba.