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September 18, 2001 By: Andre Category: Life


– Santa Barbara, CA (1986 -1991)
– Degree in Biology and Economics

– KPMG Peat Marwick, Los Angeles, CA (1991-1993)

– Durand Communications, Santa Barbara, CA (1993-1998) – Founder & CEO
– Webb Interactive Services, Denver, CO (1998-1999) – VP Product
– Jabber, Inc., Denver, CO (1999-2001) – Founder
– Ping Identity Corporation, Denver, CO (2002-Present) – Founder and CEO
– Digital ID World, Denver, CO (2002 to 2008) – Co-Founder
– ProQuo, San Diego, CA (2007-2008) – Co-Founder and Board Member


September 16, 2001 By: Andre Category: Life


September 16, 2001 By: Bryan Bell Category: Musings

not all identities were created equal

harvesting doctor time
cpu broker
rainbows, molasses and alice in wonderland
survival of the marketingist
digital identity management – objectives
a case for sipml
p2p and identity management
peer-to-peer: a worthy pursuit
global consciousness 1.0
ERROR (jabber positioning statement)
ERROR (jabber, aol and interoperability)
ERROR (content, wireless devices and jabber)

Side Bar

September 16, 2001 By: Bryan Bell Category: Musings


Lighter Side of Identity

Paris Hilton Password

Qwerty 2.0

Invention of Post It

Bush on Passwords

Password Hell

Identity Hype Cycle

Identity Zeitgeist



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