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One License Does not Fit All Circumstances

October 04, 2001 By: Andre Category: Musings

Jabber, Inc. has adopted an open-source strategy which entails a parallel develop path, with a timed and un-timed release of commercial code to open source. 

In careful analysis of our options, we’ve developed a strategy that requires multiple software licenses in order to achieve a maximization of our goals and objectives when it comes to balancing our requirements for revenue with our commitment to open source. 

Most important of these lessons is an understanding that one license is probably not sufficient to capture the essence of differing goals and objectives for each piece of software which is released to open source.

Jabber, Inc. helped develop the JOSL license, on behalf of the Jabber community in order to ensure that the code developed and released to open source was friendly to commercial adoption.

Over the course of the past several months, we have released commercial code to JOSL several times, in an effort to kick-start certain projects, help bridge the differences between our commercial server and the open source server, and to give back to the community our share in recognition that we have also received from the community.

As the technology, the community, the Company and the marketplace evolves, and we become increasingly more aggressive with various aspects of our licensing and open source contributions, there has risen a need to further granulate our licensing strategy.

One license does not fit all is the gist of this thought…

The reality is, we need to be very smart with how we take our precious few assets (our code), and maximize the short and long-term value of our contribution of those assets to open source.

In many cases, this will entail our careful analysis of our goals, the risks, the rewards etc., and then pick from a menu of licensing options that helps us best achieve our objectives.

My suspicion is that somewhere in the neighborhood of 2-4 licenses (total), are all that is required to select from for any companies open-sourcing of software; JOSL at one end and a proprietary license at the other, with 1 to 2 variations of both in the middle. 


September 16, 2001 By: Bryan Bell Category: Musings

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September 16, 2001 By: Bryan Bell Category: Musings


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